Jewelry guide

Jewelry guide


ENAMEL Copenhagen jewelery is made of genuine materials and must therefore be worn and stored with care in order to take the best possible care of them. The jewelry is all made of sterling silver 925 and is plated with 18 carat gold or a black rhodium plating.


All jewelry wears out over time, but with good care and storage, they last longer. As all our jewelry is made of genuine materials, it is unfortunately unavoidable that the metal oxidizes and can become darker in contact with air and moisture. Therefore, we recommend that you first and foremost store your jewelry in their boxes or bags when not in use so that they have as little contact with air and moisture as possible. In addition, it is also a good idea to store the jewelry separately so that they do not lie and wear on each other. Also avoid contact of the jewelry with water, cream, soap and similar. Therefore, always remove the jewelry during, for example, washing dishes, cleaning or bathing.


If you experience discoloring over time, then there are different ways you can clean your jewelry yourself. If your jewelry in silver has begun to oxidize you can polish it with silver cleaners but with the gold-plated jewelry it is enough to just polish them with a dry soft cloth until they have regained their luster back. Jewelry coated with rhodium will gradually lose their rhodium plated look as this type of coating will wear off gradually. This cannot be avoided but can be prevented by wear and storing the jewelry with care.


When you shop at ENAMEL Copenhagen, you naturally have a 2-year warranty on all the jewelery. We distinguish between manufacturing defects, wear and tear and misuse, where manufacturing defects cover defects in the production of the jewelry. Wear is not covered by the right of complaint and means that the jewelery has been used for a long time and it must therefore be expected that the jewelery has been worn. Therefore, among other things, worn gold coatings and rhodium plating are subject to wear and tear, as this happens during prolonged use of the jewelry. Improper use covers jewelry that has been damaged as a result of improper use or misuse of the product. Read more about guidelines for complaints under our terms of trade.




*The plus means that the length of the chain can be adjusted