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At Enamel Copenhagen, we advocate for honest craftsmanship and beautiful design. Therefore, you'll find a vast selection of unique bracelets crafted in durable sterling silver.

We create all our bracelets in gold and silver, based on current trends and our unique Enamel DNA. For us, it's about designing bracelets that can be worn by all women. The range includes everything from thin bracelets to wider ones, as well as bracelets with stones and pendants.

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Explore the Large Selection of Bracelets for Women

Bracelets are an integral part of many women's outfits when putting together the day's look. We understand that everyone has their unique wardrobe, which is why we offer a broad and varied assortment. Our gold and silver bracelets give any look edge and character, telling a personal story. The bracelet is just as important as necklaces, hoops, etc., and therefore, we've cared for every detail.

All our jewelry is made in sterling silver, and the gold jewelry is gold-plated with 18-carat gold. We neither compromise on design nor quality, giving you the opportunity to find an honest jewelry brand in a price range that everyone can afford.

Jewelry Inspired by Different Corners of the World

With Enamel Copenhagen, we've had a clear vision from day one. The name means enamel, and it will always be a hallmark of the jewelry we design. Today, you'll find the beautiful enamel as a fine feature on all our bracelets, and it carries a significant part of the expression that our jewelry has.

Back in 2012, Marie Rantzau founded Enamel Copenhagen in a small basement after an exciting journey around the world. Since then, our jewelry has been loved by women throughout Scandinavia. We combine colors, playfulness, and elegance in all our bracelets. This provides you with a wide selection of gold bracelets, which is our special expertise.

Find Popular Bracelets at Enamel Copenhagen

Our range of bracelets, especially in gold, spans broadly. Here, you'll find everything from the simple and slim chain to bracelets with stones and pearls, which are particularly popular today. The chains vary in thickness, giving you a myriad of options to choose the perfect Enamel Copenhagen bracelet.

But one special detail repeats on both our silver and gold bracelets. We've turned the detail into a statement, so all our bracelets have a small bead at the clasp. And although it may seem like a discreet detail, it helps make a big difference in your women's bracelet. Here, you get the opportunity for a simple expression with beautiful gold chains, but with a small detail thought into each piece.

Purchase Beautiful Bracelets with Room for Storytelling

Our selection of popular bracelets also includes thin bracelets with pendants. We've maintained our focus on the simple expression so that you can have a bracelet for both everyday and festive occasions. But with small pendants such as a little heart or a four-leaf clover, you get a bracelet that tells its own story. You'll also find larger pendants that give your bracelet with pendants for women even more fullness and character.

If you're into pearls, you can hunt for colors and fantastic color combinations. We've created a range of beautiful bracelets with pearls that are both playful and light in their expression. You can choose either a delicate bracelet with monochrome pearls or let the colors play with the expression in bracelets where we've combined different colored beads.

And if you're into a more raw expression, we've designed a range of chain bracelets. The chain adds more edge and even more character to your bracelet. It becomes both more visible and robust when you combine it with other jewelry from Enamel Copenhagen.

We Have Bracelets in Gold and Silver

At Enamel, we have a strong focus on expression, design, and quality when creating timeless jewelry for all women. Our expertise lies in gold-plated jewelry, which is why you'll find a wide range of gold bracelets on our website and in stores. However, we've also created a range of silver bracelets, allowing you to easily match your jewelry in the shades you prefer.

Our silver jewelry is based on some of the most popular designs, which you also find in gold. This creates a balance between our DNA and your own personal style. The same applies to our other jewelry, so you can find rings or necklaces that match your silver bracelet.

If you want the best of both worlds, you can choose to combine our bracelets in both gold and silver. The popular trend of mixing materials and colors continues, and all our bracelets are fantastically suited for combination. Choose the wide silver bracelet and pair it with the thin gold bracelets. Choose a bracelet with pearls and a simple chain, or let the colors play freely. The choice is yours.