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Explore our enchanting selection of gold rings in a myriad of designs. From elegant thin gold rings to chunky gold rings with unique details, we play with colorful stones, pearls, and beautiful shapes that give our rings texture and expression.

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Tell your own story with Enamel Copenhagen. Take a look at our collection below.

Gold-Plated Rings from Enamel Copenhagen - Quality at a Low Price

Since 2012, Enamel Copenhagen has had a clear vision: to design beautiful and simple jewelry for women of all ages at a price where everyone can join. In a jewelry universe where good quality often comes at a high cost, we've chosen to stand out.

We compromise neither on design nor quality. Therefore, all our gold-plated rings are crafted in 18-carat gold-plated sterling silver.

There's nothing better than beautiful, affordable gold rings, at least according to us. When it comes to jewelry that gets noticed and gives you a feminine expression, gold rings are the right choice. Gold-plated rings from Enamel Copenhagen are both detailed, elegant, and simple all at once.

Popular Gold Rings - Thin Gold Rings are a Classic

A significant part of our ring collection revolves around simplicity and timelessness. We have many thin gold rings, each with a special detail that defines them. This applies to small, shining details, fun shapes, and a different structure.

Our small popular gold rings, open at the top, are designed with thoughtfulness for detail. Here, you'll find small bubbles and stones that adorn the top of your finger. The expression in gold rings with stones is exceptionally elegant, providing you with a simple finger ring that stands out from the ordinary.

Additionally, you'll find classic gold-plated rings where we've played with the structure. You'll find small, round bubbles arranged like pearls on a string, or you can opt for a love ring where hearts form the round shape.

Trend: The More Gold Rings, the Better

Mix and match your rings to create a beautiful combination that reflects your personality. Particularly, the blend of simple rings and large gold rings is a popular trend today. Our selection of gold rings also includes a variety of styles with more significant details or more volume.

You'll find, among other things, a gold finger ring with a large freshwater pearl. And here, we've created an entire jewelry set, allowing you to showcase pearls on your necklace or in your earrings. You'll also find larger rings with beautiful structures and small stones that make them beautiful and truly special.

Large gold rings are perfect in combination with simpler ones. You can easily wear several large rings on the same hand because when it comes to gold rings, you can use as many as you want. All rings come in different sizes, allowing you to customize the size according to the finger it will adorn.

Combine Your Gold-Plated Rings with All Our Collections

It's not just gold finger rings that we've designed for you. Our selection of jewelry also includes necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. What they all have in common is that you can always find two elements that match each other. This way, we've made it easy to choose a complete jewelry set if you dream of finding the common thread in all your jewelry.

Our gold rings have a beautiful, warm hue, making them ideal to match with both our other jewelry and those you already have at home. Slip into a pair of jeans and a white T-shirt for everyday wear, where your jewelry is sure to complete your outfit. Gold rings, in particular, get noticed. Your hands are always in motion, and the same goes for your rings. They will be noticed and admired in the same way you are.

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Buy your gold finger rings from Enamel Copenhagen.

We cherish you and the beautiful design. All our gold rings are timeless classics that you can use for many years without fearing that you have to replace them. They not only hold up on the design front but also in terms of quality.

Enamel Copenhagen is for you who want your jewelry to tell a beautiful story. Our playful and humorous approach is evident in our choice of colors, shapes, and style, appealing to many different women.

We have no age limit. Jewelry is timeless, and therefore, Enamel Copenhagen's gold rings can be worn by everyone. This applies to gold rings with stones, simple round ones, and the chunky gold rings with a little extra edge.

So, explore our universe of rings and find a wide selection of affordable gold-plated rings of top quality.